Is Coinbase A Good Exchange?

Is Coinbase A Good Exchange?

Is Coinbase A Good Exchange?


In my opinion guys.

I'd have to say indeed it is a pretty good exchange.

And I'll tell you why I believe this to be the case.


The very first exchange I used to purchase my (ETH) back in 2015 with was coinbase.

And It didn't fail me once.


I find it so easy to buy & sell via coinbase. I honestly don't see why anyone would wish to go anywhere else. 

All you literally do is; sign up. Get verified. Attach your bank account. And place your order.

It's as simple as that!

Now obviously, it's going to vary from person to person depending on your country, the bank your with, and the amount of coins you buy, and so forth.

However as a whole.

I find coinbase to be quite literally a breeze to use.


One other thing I love about coinbase is the fact that it comes with a very functional and easy to navigate App.

Now this may just be me.

However I love the fact that coinbase offers an app that allows you to basically view the prices of your coins in (REAL TIME), and also allows you to send and receive your coins at the click of a button, with literally no effort at all.

Which is just necessary if you ask me.


So to conclude. 

Is coinbase a good exchange to buy crypto from?

In my opinion yeah.

I haven't had an issue with it as of yet. And so for that reason, it shall remain my primary go to exchange.

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