What Cryptocurrency Are The Rothschilds Buying?

What cryptocurrency are the rothschilds buying

What Cryptocurrency Are The Rothschilds Buying?

If you've ever asked this question.
Rest assured I've asked the exact same one, lol.

It's obvious who controls the financial system of the world.

And so knowing what their invested in, and what cryptocurrencies they are buying up can be a major advantage.

If you know what I mean. 


So what cryptocurrency are the rothschilds buying?

If I'm honest, there is only two coins I currently class as (rothschild friendly).

And those 2 I have listed below. 

Let'sget started...

1) Ripple (XRP)

Now this may just be me guys.

However considering that the rothschilds pretty much own all the major banks out there.

And considering that many of the major banks are currently buying up (XRP) and doing business with ripple.

I'd definitely keep an eye on it.

I for one have a sizeable investment in ripple and see it being a very valuable token in the near future.

2) Ethereum (ETH)

Now this may be an obvious one.

However for all those out there who don't know.

I recently came in to a lot of money thanks to this one coin in particular.

And that one coin is.

Drum roll please...


Not only is it a bank friendly coin.

It's also managed to gain some major backing from some of the biggest financial & tech institutions out there.

Including; JP morgan, IBM, Goldman Sachs, Santander and lastly Microsoft.

And so for this reason.

It's definitely not a coin I'd sleep on.

So To Conclude.

The two coins I personally believe in to be the next big thing that are going to be implemented by the rothschild owned banks are;

Ethereum & Ripple.

Now I am not guaranteeing any success with either of these coins. So please don't be mistaken.

I'm not giving any advice.

However If you are after my personal opinion,
then yeah!

Those are the two I'm backing.

I hope that answers your question as to "what cryptocurrency are the rothschilds buying?

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