Is Cryptocurrency Worth Investing In?

is cryptocurrency worth investing in?

Is Cryptocurrency Worth Investing In?

So guys.

This is something I get asked a lot.

I've had so many people come up to me in the past and say.

So is cryptocurrency worth investing in?

Is it really a good investment??

And my honest answer to that question is guys.



And I'll tell you why.

1) Banks Are Not In Control Of Your Funds!

Now this is something I can't stress enough. 

One of the primary reasons I absolutely love cryptocurrency is the fact that the banks do not have a single hand in how you manage or transact your money.

This I really love as it gives a person 100% control over their funds and means that the banks can't come an simply "TAKE" what's yours.

As we see happening so much in today's society.

2) Can't be taxed!

Much like the first part regarding the banks.

One other thing i absolutely love about cryptocurrency is the fact that it cannot be taxed in the same way we see fiat currency being taxed.

And so what's yours is pretty much yours.

And the tax you pay is "0".

Now if this isn't a reason to invest in cryptocurrency.

I really don't know what is.

3) Transactions Are Instantaneous!


Unlike traditional banks where you may have to wait days on end before receiving or sending funds to and forth countries via wire.

With cryptocurrency.

The funds pretty much get sent within minutes.

absolutely no time at all!

This is another reason I feel cryptocurrency is going to be extremely popular payment method in the coming years ahead.

4) Exchange rates are non existent!

This I find amazing.

Now as we all know.

When we go abroad we always have to deal with the issue of up & down exchange rates. 

Which can be a real pain in the a## as times.

Now the good news is.

With cryptocurrency.

One such example being [bitcoin]. 

Exchange rates pretty much become non existent.

All you pretty much need is your crypto wallet stored on either your phone or lapto.


Your ready to go. :)

No exchanging currency.



Ok guys.

So back to the question.

Is cryptocurrency worth investing in?


If you've taken the time to read all that I've written.

Then I should hope that you have come to the same conclusion as me. 

That being, YES.

Cryptocurrency is a very good investment.

And seeing as it's still pretty early in the game. 

I'd say that there is a lot and I mean a lot of room for cryptocurrency to develop further.

And grow.

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